Your Week of #NoTakeOut

Are you ready to conquer another week of January’s #NoTakeOut challenge? Check out this easy meal plan for distraction inspiration.


Start the week with a tasty Chicken Salad with Kale and Quinoa for lunch. With pre-washed kale and a cooked chicken breast you’ll have this salad together in no time. We can’t wait to cook this Salmon with Citrus for dinner, and the leftovers make a great lunch the next day!


Transform Monday’s leftover salmon into a delicious salad for lunch! Flake the leftover salmon fillet and slice the citrus segments into bite-size pieces. Place on top of a bed of romaine and dress with a simple oil and vinegar dressing when ready to enjoy. Whole-Grain Pancakes make a delicious breakfast-for-dinner, and you can fry the extra batter for breakfast the next day.


Bring back the elementary school lunch with a PB&J, but give it a makeover with whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter. This week’s Carrot Kari is a delicious Indian-inspired vegetarian dinner.


Dine on leftover Carrot Kari for lunch, and keep dinner easy with these Black Bean and Avocado Nachos.


Pick one of these 10 kale salad recipes for lunch. Have a Friday movie night dinner with your favorite appetizers and a nice bottle of wine. Check out these 8 recipes for amazing popcorn if you need some new ideas!

Good work! You’ve made it through another week of #NoTakeOut!


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