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Your Ice Cream Scoop Is Good for More Than Ice Cream

With the arrival of warm weather, the first thing on many minds and lips and stomachs is… ice cream! And, the key to any ice cream situation is achieving perfect, round, silky servings—see: making good use of your ice cream scoop. Like so many other multipurpose kitchen tools (like your baking sheet and microplane), the ice cream scoop can be used in myriad other ways than just, well, scooping ice cream. If you really feel like being fancy, purchase scoops of different sizes, for use in everything from truffles to cookies and beyond.

For creating uniform sized homemade chocolate truffles, an ice cream scoop makes for small round mounds that are then easy to roll and chill until formed.

Because of the handy release in many ice cream scoops, they make a great tool for distributing pancakes into a sizzling skillet and cookie dough onto the baking sheet.

Melon Balls
For a decorative presentation (and to remove the inside seeds), using an ice cream scoop makes it easy to create melon balls without needing to buy, well, a melon baller. Very pretty, very easy.

Achieving equal-sized meatballs isn’t always the easiest, so we often turn to the humble ice cream scoop for the task. If you’re making meatballs as an appetizer, a smaller scoop will lend the perfect size. If you don’t love getting your hands dirty with this particular task, this tool is your savior!

Though the crumbly, sweet topping on a cobbler can definitely be more freeform, we do kind of love the look of uniform “cobbles” dolloped over fruit fillings. It’s up to you, but your ice cream scoop will surely make this task easier!

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