The Surprising Thing Women Want On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is built on the assumption that millions of couples (and would-be couples) are heading out for dinner. But is navigating a crowded restaurant in cold weather really how people want to celebrate the holiday?

We ran a survey asking 1,000 men and women, ages 25 to 34, whether they preferred going out or cooking at home for Valentine’s Day. And guess what—63% of women said they prefer staying in. (And 53% of men ages 35 to 44 backed them up!)

That said, staying in isn’t always so easy. Cooking a great meal involves some hassle: finding the perfect recipe, sourcing high-quality ingredients, making the time to go to the store. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Plated offers restaurant-quality meals delivered to your door, that you can cook together (or for each other) in the ultimate gesture of appreciation and romance. Our easy-to-follow recipe card and pre-portioned ingredients ensure that dinner is simple to make.

We can even recommend dishes we think would make the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day meal. Check out our current menu, now featuring Spaghetti with Ricotta Beef Meatballs; Carrot Risotto; and Seared Chicken in Mushroom Sauce, just to name a few. Then schedule your first delivery and enjoy a private night at home this Valentine’s Day.

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