Niçoise: A French Salad for Any Season

Looking for a salad dish that’s elegant and adaptable for any season, yet ultra-easy to make? And did we mention, French? It’s time to add a Niçoise (knees-wah-say) salad to your repertoire. This dish is as delicious as it is popular – in fact, it’s a go-to Plated Popular recipe that our customers can’t get enough of…and, mais oui, we understand why!

The Niçoise salad is a classic French dish, taking its summery cues from its namesake, the town of Nice in southern France. The classic preparation typically includes tomatoes, olives, and anchovies with a vinaigrette dressing, but it is also widely served with hard boiled eggs, green beans, and tuna (or another fish: we love it with salmon). While Niçoise salad offers the perfect spotlight for seasonal, fresh veggies like green beans in the summer and tomatoes starting in the spring, it’s also easily served in the fall or winter as a satisfying dish that’ll remind you of warmer days (French Riviera, anyone?).

Tip: Want to know the Insta-ready, super-French way to serve this dish? Niçoise is a “composed” salad, meaning the final ingredients are served side-by-side on the plate, rather than tossed together. Once your ingredients are ready, divide them up across your plate with a drizzling of snappy Dijon-champagne vinaigrette. Bon appetit!

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