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3 Top Secret Tips for the Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Here at Plated, we’ve featured tons of grilled cheese recipes that honor some of our favorite flavor combinations that our chefs go crazy for—hello, Spanakopita and Truffle variations! But, when it comes to our tried and true go-to, look no further than the recipe featured in this drool-worthy video.

In honor of #GrilledCheeseDay, Head Chef Elana Karp is sharing her top secret tips for the ultimate melty sandwich that everyone will love. Stick to these tips and you can never go wrong.

Chef Elana’s tips:

  1. Use a variety of hand-shredded cheeses: they will melt much more easily than pre-shredded cheeses, and are not as waxy to taste.
  2. Mayo on the outside of your bread: the mayo makes sure your bread browns more evenly than using butter.
  3. Weigh the sandwich down while cooking: weighing down the grilled cheese ensures that all of the bread is evenly browned and makes it crispy (we suggest a small cast iron pan or plate).

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