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Types of Rice:
What You Need to Know

A staple in many different diets around the world, there are many types of rice to choose from when cooking. Read on to discover a little more about the various varieties and how to use them!

Jasmine rice is a long grain variety of white rice that has a more delicate flavor than regular rice. It has a light, sweet taste and a fragrant aroma that makes it perfect for pairing with citrus and coconut flavors.

Sushi rice is a short grain white rice. It has a stickier texture when cooked, making it perfect for well, making sushi! You can also use it to make sticky rice. We love this recipe for coconut sticky rice with mango from Epicurious!

Brown rice is a less-processed version of rice. The nutritious bran and germ that contain vitamins and minerals are left intact. Brown rice is a great source of magnesium, providing up to 84 mg per cup of cooked rice!  White rice only contains 19 mg. You can use brown rice in any dish that calls for white rice for a heartier and more nutritious substitute.

Red Rice has anthocyanin, a natural pigment that gives the rice its rosy hue. Red rice has a nutty flavor and firm texture as it is normally left unhulled. Red rice is really good for you as well – the nutritious germ is left intact.

Wild rice comes in two varieties: Hybrid and foraged. Foraged wild rice is harvested from the waters of the Great Lakes area, and hybrid wild rice is farmed.  Wild rice is dark in color and has a more earthy flavor.

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Bomba rice is a short grain rice, most often used in the Spanish dish Paella. Bomba rice is  perfect for this dish because it absorbs almost three times its volume in liquid, soaking up all the flavors in the liquid it is cooked in. Bomba rice is a pearly color and almost round in shape.

– Alivia Duran


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