How Plated Transformed Our Dinnertime

By Andrew M., Houston, TX

Whether you’re a single person, a couple, or a family with kids, it can be hard to fit quality, home-cooked dinners into a busy schedule—especially on a regular basis. But Plated lets you do just that, no matter who’s at your table. Because when you get all you need delivered in just the right portions, for the recipes you choose, you can skip the grocery store stress and get to the good part quicker.

In this interview excerpt, see how Plated transformed dinnertime for this busy family of four.

The Story

Why We Decided to Try Plated:

We were spending too much money on going out to eat. After a long day of work, commuting, and kids’ activities, we could rarely summon the strength and enthusiasm required to make a home-cooked meal from scratch. One month I added up all the money we spent on restaurant outings and it was more than our mortgage! That’s when we knew something had to change.

As for the Other Guys:

Andrew tried a couple other meal kits before Plated. This is what he had to say:

The recipes were fine, but not very adventurous…[I also] did not like the fact that you couldn’t pick your specific recipes for the week. There’s nothing like seeing a really good looking meal on Plated’s website, picking it, and being excited when it arrives in the box. We feel invested in that recipe before the weekly box even arrives. We didn’t get that from having a bunch of strangers pick what we’d be eating that week.

How Plated Has Transformed Our Nights at Home:

We absolutely love Plated[…]Our food budget is so much more predictable and several times smaller than before. We eat healthier and the portions are more sensible. Cooking a Plated meal is surprisingly quick. Since all the ingredients are measured out and ready to go, we can literally start chopping away within a few minutes of getting home. Cooking a Plated meal together with our kids has been a real treat. I’m excited to cook dinner now and have a lot of fun making it.

Why We Prefer Plated:

The recipes are just better. There’s almost always an ingredient we’ve never heard of, and the techniques I’ve learned over the course of using Plated make me feel like an actual chef. The end result is a much more flavorful, complex meal. I still have dreams about the cider-braised ribs.

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