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The Best Wine Pairing for Grilled Fish Tacos

Grilled Fish Tacos with Corn-Tomato Salsa and Avocado with Forchir Friulano “Lusor”

From the vineyards of Felettis di Bicinicco (Udine), this 100% Tocai Friulano from Friuli D.O.C. Grave, Italy exhibits a straw-yellow hue.  The grapes grow on alluvial, pebbly soil, which gives it its fresh, clean minerality flavor.

This elegant, light-bodied, gently aromatic white is one of those lovely Italian wines that opens up like an umbrella when it’s paired with food. It’s deceptively robust in flavor.  It had no trouble blending with a rich, ripe Brie and would be a fine companion to seared dry-packed sea scallops, shrimp (grilled would be especially nice), or fish.

Why they work together: This elegant, light-bodied white wine has a fresh and clean minerality that opens to more robust flavors when accompanied with the right recipe.  The minerality is a wonderful complement to the fish, especially when grilled, while the fresh, yet rich, combination of the salsa and avocado will only continue to dance with flavors as the wine opens up throughout the meal.

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