The Best Edible Tributes To The 2015 Grammy Nominees

The Grammys are this weekend, and while all the nominees will be busy celebrating their achievements at the awards show itself, some of their fans are celebrating their favorite artists in a different way—with food!

After all, there’s nothing like an edible tribute to help you get over the fact that your invite to the Grammys got lost in the mail. But if you copy these recipes at home and eat them while watching, you can have your cake and eat it too. (Pun very much intended.)

Iggy Azalea with sorbet.jpg
(Image: Tumblr)

Turns out there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea, so you have no shortage of options to honor Iggy, who’s nominated for four Grammys including Best New Artist and Record of the Year. That said, our favorite look is definitely the rainbow sherbet look pictured above.

Taylor Swift cupcakes.jpg
(Image: littleapron)

These adorable little cupcakes are the perfect way to root for Taylor, who loves baking up sweets herself and is nominated for three Grammys for her song ‘Shake It Off.’

Beyonce cake.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

We defy you to find a more realistic (and edible) portrayal of Queen Bey, who this year is nominated for her self-titled album and the song ‘Drunk In Love.’

Taylor Swift jam for Ed Sheeran.png
(Image: Crushable)

Taylor Swift is a fan of Ed Sheeran, so this homemade jam counts as an edible tribute to him! We bet she’s also rooting for him to win Album Of The Year for his album x, since she isn’t nominated in that category herself.

Sia drink The Blonde Adelaide.jpg
(Image: InStyle)

Is there any greater honor than getting a cocktail named after you? Probably, like being nominated for a Grammy for your song ‘Chandelier,’ but it’s still pretty top-notch. This gin-based drink is called the ‘Adelaide Blonde,’ and it honors the color of Sia’s hair as well as the place of her birth.

Katy Perry pops.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

We’re pretty sure there isn’t anything cuter than these Katy Perry-themed cake pops. Hopefully they bring her luck in the category of Best Pop Vocal Album, in which she’s nominated this year for her album Prism.


(Image: sweethaute)

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj’s favorite color is hot pink, so what better way to give her a shoutout on her ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Anaconda’ nominations than with a neon-colored candy apple?

Miley Cyrus themed cupcakes.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

You get bonus points if you can recognize each of the images portrayed on these Miley-themed baked goods. We’ll give you a hint: They’re all associated with her album Bangerz, which earned Cyrus her first ever Grammy nomination, for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Aubrey Graham cracker sandwiches.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

There aren’t too many Drake-themed snacks out there to celebrate his nom for Best Rap Song, which is why we’re so proud of ourselves for knowing his given name (Aubrey Drake Graham) to come up with a name for this one: Aubrey Graham Cracker Sandwiches. You can find the recipe here. And we’ll just show ourselves out…

Kanye West sneaker cake.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

This cake isn’t technically created by a fan, since it was made for Kanye‘s 32nd birthday to resemble the Nike Air Yeezys he designed, but it was too creative to pass up. Good luck to Kanye on his nomination for ‘Bound 2.’

Pharell food instagram.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

Not the world’s most delicious snack, but we’re pretty sure this is definitely the perfect way to celebrate Pharrell and his nominations for the album G I R L.

Carrie Underwood cake.jpg
(Image: Pinterest)

Leave it to a tiny statuette of Carrie Underwood to have the charisma to pull of a gray cake. Hope she’s as lucky in the categories of Best Country Solo and Duo Performance, both of which she’s nominated in.

No matter who walks away with the gilded gramophones tonight, the real winners are the fans who came up with such creative ways to recognize their favorite artists.


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