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Chef Elana Shares 7 Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks

Chef Elana met with Business Insider to share some essential Thanksgiving cooking hacks.

Rolling up your sleeves and cooking for Thanksgiving can be an easy, interactive way to bond with friends and family. But if you’re not an expert in the kitchen, we understand that the pressure to create a feast can feel overwhelming.

Yesterday, we shared some of our Thanksgiving tips and tricks to make sure that your dinner goes well, but we also want to prep you in case any of your dishes start to go south. Recently Chef Elana, our head of culinary, met with Business Insider to go over essential Thanksgiving cooking hacks that can help save day. Whether you suffer from lumpy gravy, burnt turkey, salty potatoes or worse, no need to lose hope. Read the article to find Chef Elana’s clever solutions to your kitchen issues.


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