Customers Weigh in on Meal Kit Quality

When it comes to dinner, quality isn’t just about taste—it’s about responsible sourcing, fresh, local ingredients, thoughtful packaging, and recipes designed according to season. Plated delivers on quality with every box, hand packed with seasonal ingredients and chef-designed recipes for an experience you have to taste to believe. Still not sure what we mean? We’ll let these happy Plated customers elaborate.

The “Every Night Is Plated Night” Cook

“Plated has taken my love for cooking to the next level. Each week, I look forward to my box of goodies and the attention to detail in each box. I love Plated so much that I find myself cooking the recipes on off-Plated nights. Everything is fresh and the recipes are so easy to follow!!! And I don’t have to go to grocery store for the ingredients!!! I LOVE PLATED!!!”
–Tracy B., Pittsburgh, PA

The Unpredictable Cook

“Previously dinner was consistent, predictable, and overfilling. Now it’s exciting, educational, and healthier in portion size.”
–Robert A., Centreville, VA

The Freshly Confident Cook

“I definitely waste less food and money. The variety is amazing. We are preparing restaurant quality dishes! My husband and I are always commenting on how we would have never thought to cook these dishes on our own. My husband loves to eat fish but I was always tentative to cook it because I was nervous about properly preparing it. Now we frequently order fish dishes. We also really enjoy the vegetarian dishes! They are absolutely delish! My confidence in the kitchen has greatly improved.”
–Jill C., Greenville, SC

The No-More-Same-Old Cook

“Before, I cooked and ate the same boring, plain meals over and over. Now dinner is an adventure. We get to try new things we never would think up or even be able to purchase in our smaller town.”
–Shane B., Odessa, TX

At Plated, we believe that fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple, fun-to-follow recipes go a long way towards making better dinners. Every box we send is carefully packed with locally sourced ingredients and recipes designed according to season. And because we want everyone to experience the joy of dinner at home, we make meal planning simple and scheduling flexible. That way more people can find more time for dinnertime.

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