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Table Inspiration for the Hostess with Sandy Chilewich

We caught up with Sandy Chilewich, Founder and Creative Director of Chilewich, to get an inside look at the best ways to personalize your table setting in the year ahead. With her husband Joe Sultan, Sandy leads Chilewich in designing innovative textiles that have transformed the way homes and restaurants around the world are decorated. Read on for Sandy’s quick tips on dressing your table for any occasion!

A table is a blank canvas, so approach setting yours not as one more task you must do but an opportunity to be creative—to combine colors and textures as artfully as the flavors on your plate.

Skip the Tablecloth

Taking a little extra care with your table setting makes a big difference. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering or just sitting down for an ordinary Wednesday dinner, the table sets the tone and can play a big part in bringing people together. Skip the tablecloth. Create a warm, inviting environment by using placemats and a table runner, and swap the typical starched white napkins in favor of natural linen—embrace its origins and don’t worry about ironing them.

Select Placemats

People come together around a table, but to feel at ease and truly connect, each person also needs his or her own space. Placemats provide visual clarity of this and can add striking texture, pattern, and color to your table. They also make it easier to separate the elements of a meal into multiple small plates or bowls, which can be a refreshing and elegant change from putting everything on one big plate.

Add Color and Texture

The winter months are the perfect time for rich shades of green—think deep jade. And don’t be afraid to mix different tones of a single color. It’s a beautiful way to add depth to your table. To add instant texture to any table, we created Market Fringe. These placemats and runners are woven with twisted yarns to create a pleasantly chunky material that we then cut to size and fringe by hand. You may not know by looking at them, but they’re just as easy to keep in pristine condition as all of our textiles are—just wipe clean with soap and water.

Photos courtesy of Chilewich.

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