Plated Solves the Dinner Dilemma

Regardless of whether you’re planning to meet up with friends, have a low-key night alone, or are cooking with a loved one, it’s near impossible to escape questioning what’s for dinner.

With Plated, that’s no longer an issue. Instead of running through recipes and grocery shopping, or digging to find the hottest nearby restaurant, Plated solves the dinner dilemma and makes planning painless.

Need added incentive? Get a free dinner for two with your first order.

We’re able to bring quality, chef-designed dinners right to your door, with easy-to-follow recipes that you’ll look forward to whipping up.

The process is amazingly simple: You go to our site and choose the recipes you’d like. On your selected delivery date, a hand-packed box arrives with all of the specialty, pre-portioned ingredients you need to prepare your meals. If one of the dishes calls for two wild-caught salmon fillets and three ounces of foraged mushrooms, you’ll get exactly that. Need a tablespoon of za’atar spice? It’s in the box. There’s no longer a need to buy huge quantities of ingredients you’ll barely use again because we care about eliminating food waste as much as you do.

By being able to dedicate your time to the kitchen, not brainstorming and grocery shopping, you’ll experience a sense of discovery, creativity, and connection that you can only find when you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. All it takes is 20–40 minutes to make a homemade dinner you’re proud of, complete with sustainably and domestically sourced seafood, responsibly raised and antibiotic-free meat, and seasonal produce.

Click here to get free dinner for two with the purchase of four plates to kick off your first week with Plated.


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