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Pick the Best Snacks for Boosting Your Energy

Food is meant for fuel, but to get positive energy benefits, you need to make sure you’re eating wisely.


Unless you’re extremely disciplined, it can be hard to avoid snacking while at work (especially if you work at a food company!). While food is meant for fuel, to get the right energy benefits, you need to make sure you’re eating wisely. Recently Plated hosted Andrea Moss, the founder of Moss Wellness to come chat about making the right nutrition choices to make sure you’re getting the most out of the calories you consume.

To begin, she provided tips about how to identify whether you’re feeling low energy in the first place. If you’re having a hard time getting out of bed, feel sluggish throughout the whole day, or need multiple cups of coffee throughout the day (and drinking caffeine doesn’t make you feel more awake), assessing your diet is a great first step.

Though it may taste great, be warned, too much sugar is often to blame for depleting energy levels. The American Heart Association says we should only intake 6 teaspoons of sugar a day for women and 9 teaspoons for men. Aside from the obvious places where you can cut down (we’re looking at you, soda), pay attention to the ingredient list on your favorite snacks. Sugar can be sneaky and creep into “healthy” items like yogurt etc.

Once you start eliminating sugary drinks, here are some other steps to consider taking:

1. Start your day off right with a well balanced breakfast that includes proteins and healthy fats (example: Eggs with avocado, oatmeal or yogurt with nuts).
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Switch to natural sweeteners
4. Healthy balances and nourishing snacks
5. Make sure you make time for exercise, as well as relaxing activities

Last but not least, some suggestions about what you should be keeping around as snacks:
– Dried seaweed
– Hummus with vegetables or multigrain crackers
– Almond butter with slices of apples
– Piece of dark chocolate
– Kale chips
– Small handful of trail mix

Happy snacking!

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