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The Sky’s the Limit for Our Delicious May Recipes

It’s time for flowers! Or, so we were promised with the abundance of classic April showers. We’ve finally found ourselves in the height of Spring, with Summer very much on the horizon, and the promise of cookouts, picnics, and poolside cocktails fast approaching. This month’s culinary theme is “Sky’s the Limit!” so we’re taking things to the next level with seasonal produce, adding asparagus, peas, and springtime radishes into our recipes anywhere we can. And, because Mother’s Day is a time for loving celebrations and mom-themed festivities, we’ve crafted a menu that’s truly special for moms (and grandmothers, sisters, aunts) everywhere.

Our Mother’s Day recipes are the perfect balance of indulgent and light, and best of all—they’re inspired by our moms! From Braised Chicken with Apricots courtesy of Head Chef Elana’s mom to a mouthwatering Four Cheese Mac and Cheese inspired by Chef Laura’s mother, we’re covering all the bases. There’s a brunch-inspired Savory Bread Pudding with Gruyère Cheese—a nod to Chef Suzanne’s mom’s Challah bread pudding—along with Chef Michelle’s Cuban Beef Picadillo that takes cues from her mother’s rendition. Last but not least, a hearty Lemon Butter Chicken with Orzo and Peas is one of Chef Andrea’s mom’s specialties, and now it can be yours too!

Aside from Mother’s Day, the sky is truly the limit with our love for food mashups—May’s dishes are no exception. Stuffed mushrooms and pizza meet-cute in our Portobello “Pizzas,” stuffed with cheese and marinara sauce. And of course, we can never resist a solid pizza combo, which brings classic Chicken Caesar salad to life. The Latin American classic Carne Asada is transformed into a burger and served with Crispy Yuca Fries and Creamy Avocado. For dessert, we channeled our love of PB&J into almond butter and blackberry jam bars, which will delight both kids and adults.

Because the only thing better than your favorite takeout dish is learning how to make it at home, we’re sharing our version of some much-loved (and ordered) Asian dishes. There’s Vietnamese Shaking Beef over Glass Noodles, and a vegetarian take on chicken tikka masala, which swaps chicken for cauliflower (along with plenty of garlic naan for scooping). Crunchy egg rolls no longer have to be delivery staple, as we’ve created a terrific Plated version, complete with homemade duck sauce on the side. And, because we can never resist a curry, we’re swapping beef for trout in our creamy Malaysian Rendang recipe, served with fragrant yellow rice on the side.

Speaking of fish, we’re highlighting some of our favorite seafood dishes this month as well, from pub classic Fish and Chips with a side of tangy Tartar Sauce to Southern-inspired Cajun Salmon with zingy Remoulade and Sautéed Collard Greens. As summer begins, one must have a great fish taco recipe at hand, so we’ve gifted you a great option, which packs a serious punch by way of crispy fish and crunchy slaw.


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