Cocktail Hour

Seasonal Cocktails:
Late Summer

It’s peak season for blackberries! You’ll find these dark, plump berries ripened to perfection from mid August to September. In folklore, it’s said that blackberry season ends at Michaelmas (September 29), after which time it was said the devil would spit on the berries, making them inedible. Interestingly, there is a mold that grows on the berries late in the season which also renders them inedible. In honor of the blackberry, we recommend this Blackberry Rum Shrub from Saveur. Just make sure your berries are picked before the 29th and are mold (or spit) free!

What’s more iconic that grilling and peaches in the summer? This Grilled Peach Cocktail from The Wishful Chef captures the best of both, featuring muddled grilled peaches spiced up with a bit of bourbon. Peach season starts in May, continuing through the summer and usually wrapping up around Labor Day.

The season is wrapping up, but it’s still a great time to find beautifully ripe melons. Look for a fruit without any bruises or dents, that feels heavy for it’s size, and is just slightly soft when pressed where the stem was attached. Another tip is to smell it – a good, ripe melon will smell sweet and and juicy! Perfect for sitting on the patio on a summer night, you’ll love this Summer Melon Thyme Sipper from Erin’s Food Files.

This Professor Plum Cocktail from 10th Kitchen nods to the classic game of Clue and brings in the flavor of a delicious late-summer fruit: plums. Plums are still going strong, the season usually lasts until early October. A blend of bourbon, mezcal and Cointreau, this cocktail highlights the flavors of the plum, bringing out the sweetness but balancing it with a bit of lime. 

What are you favorite summer fruits?

– Alivia Duran


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