You Can Eat Cookies for Dinner When They’re Savory

From tahini to bacon, these not-so-sweet cookies fit the bill for a savory afternoon snack or a 5pm cocktail hour treat or basically whenever you want a cookie.

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Parmesan, rosemary

One of our favorite aromatic herbs, rosemary is intense and complex, lending a woodsy, fall-inspired aroma to pretty much everything. We’ve been known to toss a stem into soups, stews, and braises. Here, we love it finely minced and incorporated with salty parm cheese and toasted nuts for supremely fragrant and delicious cookies. Add them to your cheese board or appetizer spread.

Tahini, almond

Tahini is a sesame seed paste with a nutty and slightly salty flavor that we love drizzling into spreads, dips and dressings (more on that here). Similar to peanut butter but a bit more subtle, tahini is the base for this nutty cookie, which is reminiscent of a savory, not as sweet peanut butter cookie. It’s creamy and buttery and makes for a supremely soft treat.

Bacon, maple

We couldn’t help but dream about a cookie with that would deliver chewy, salty, savory and sweet, all in one bite. The answer: bacon. Because everything tastes better when bacon gets involved (we’re very serious about bacon).

Olive oil

We’re putting olive oil squarely in the dessert limelight, celebrating its uniquely savory qualities in baked goods such as these cookies. Olive oil lends a complex flavor while rendering that extra moist dough, making every bite of cookie fairly perfect. In this recipe, lemon and thyme simply embellish earthy undertones without over powering the real star (the olive oil).

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