How One Meal Kit Removes the Stress Out of Planning Dinner

Nothing gets in the way of cooking dinner quite like fighting your way through a crowded supermarket. Add to the equation: too much of one ingredient that you only need a sprig of, not to mention meal planning that makes your head spin (and your stomach growl). At Plated, we want to make dinner taste great, of course, but we also want to make the whole experience more pleasant and palatable.  That’s why we deliver all you need to cook chef-designed dinners at home. With flexible meal planning, foolproof recipes, and perfectly portioned ingredients, we’re paving the path to better dinners and making it easier for more people to cook more and live better.

The “Tired of Takeout” Cook

“I used to order takeout and make the same chicken/salad/pasta dishes over and over. Going to the grocery store in NYC is a nightmare (Union Square TJ’s, anyone?), and I would try to get through it as quickly as possible. Now I get to skip the store and eat easy-to-make, delicious, colorful meals that are far more adventurous than my go-tos.”
–Katie, NYC

The Cook Who’s Skipping the Grocery Store Stress

“Before Plated, dinner was either same old, same old or it was a rushed challenge–a challenge that included running by a packed grocery store after work. Now, with Plated, I calmly prepare a wide variety of fresh, nutrient-rich meals that do not require me to run errands on the way home from work.”
–Cindy P., Plano, TX

The Stress-Free Cook

“Dinner planning before Plated was stressful. Now it’s easy and every meal is an adventure. We are enjoying the variety of recipes provided and all the wonderful tastes and flavors.”
–Melissa, Mount Prospect, IL

The Small Town Cook

“Living in a small town with limited grocery choices, I would travel 40 minutes to Whole Foods or Publix for ingredients. I spent so much of my time shopping and planning meals. Plated allows me to cook new, absolutely delicious recipes, saving me time and money!”
–Ann B., Bainbridge, GA

The Time-Saving Cook

“I used to plan meals, make a list of all ingredients needed, then do the grocery shopping. Needless to say, a lot of time was expended. Now I just open a box, cook, and dinner is done. No leftovers and no wasted ingredients.”
–Michele M., Williamsport, PA

Plated makes dinner at home more delicious—and so much more convenient. Not only can you choose from 11 impressive chef-designed recipes every week, you can skip the grocery store and say goodbye to stressful meal planning. Plated delivers all you need to cook dinner—fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and simple, fun-to-follow recipe cards. And meal planning is a cinch! It takes just 5 minutes to plan your dinners for the next month. You can also pick your delivery day, skip weeks when you’re away, and cancel anytime.

For more delicious recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

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