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Ask Plated: What Are Pupusas

Plated provides the definition for the popular native street food of El Salvador.

The only thing our chefs love more than cooking is teaching others to love it too. In this series, we’ll be sharing our insight into food terms you may not know, or might need a quick refresher on. Have you ever had a pupusa, or seen it on a menu? Time to learn what it is. 

A pupusa is a thick, griddled corn cake with a savory filling. This popular native street food of El Salvador is made using a yellow corn flour called masa harina, which literally translates to “dough flour.” Traditional fillings include cheese, beans, and pork and the dish is typically served with a side of cabbage slaw. Each year on the second Sunday of November, they are celebrated by Salvadorans and pupusa enthusiasts everywhere: Pupusa Day.

Enjoy them this week in our Cheesy Pupusas with Roasted Vegetables. 


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