Cool Off With This Simple Prosecco Cocktail

Think of the sgroppino as a fancy, grown-up slushy. This cocktail hails from Venice, combining lemon sorbet, Prosecco, and vodka. It’s sweet, tart, cold, and frothy—basically everything we crave in the dog days of summer. Traditionally, it’s served as an after-dinner drink, but we really wouldn’t mind having it any time of day.

Another thing we love about this drink? Its simplicity: It requires just three ingredients (four, if you include our optional fresh mint garnish), and can be thrown together in minutes. Our tip for greatness here? Don’t skimp on the quality of the sorbet—it really makes the drink.


(Serves 2)

6 ounces Prosecco, well-chilled
2 ounces vodka, well-chilled
¾ cup lemon sorbet
fresh mint, for garnish (optional)

1. Rinse mint and pat dry with paper towel. In a large bowl, whisk together lemon sorbet and half of Prosecco to fully combine (the sorbet will melt and the mixture will be frothy). Stir in vodka and remaining Prosecco to combine—the mixture should resemble a slushy.

2. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint, if desired. Serve immediately. Cheers!

Recipe contributed by Plated Senior Recipe Editor Sara Heegaard.

This article is intended for individuals 21-years-old and over. Please drink responsibly.

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