Plated’s #NoTakeOut
New Year Challenge!

As a small but busy team, we know that balancing a hectic lifestyle with cooking at home can be pretty difficult. A few of us added up the costs of our takeout habits – to both our waistline and our wallets – and let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty.

That’s why, starting January 1st,  a few of us in the Plated office have pledged to take the #NoTakeOut New Year Challenge. That’s right, we’re going all of January without flopping on the couch and ordering food online (Hey, we’re human – we do it more than we care to admit, too!), walking over to the deli for lunch, or stopping by the food cart for a croissant in the morning.

It’s going to be hard to give up dollar pizza at 2AM, but at the end of the month we anticipate feeling accomplished, lighter in the waist, and a little heavier in the wallet.

On Wednesday, January 1st, we’ll post our first weekly meal plan of the month. We’ll make each meal simple, delicious, and unique whenever possible. Sure, we’re going to incorporate some Plated in there, but for some of our other items, you’ll have to trek to the grocery store (Sorry kids, one day we’ll totally take over your refrigerator, but we’re just not there yet).

Won’t you join our #NoTakeOut Challenge?  Tweet us & let us know you’re on board to go takeout-free with us on January 1st!

Happy cooking,

The Plated Team



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