Plated’s Guide to the Perfect At-Home Valentine’s Date

Dare we say, the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had can take place in your very own home. A relaxing night in your own space, where you can cook something delicious with (or for) your special someone, can outdo plans that involve braving the cold and eating at a crowded restaurant.

This week, we offered plenty of Valentine’s ideas for dinner and dessert, so that you could make your romantic evening as tasty as it is relaxing.

If you still have reservations about your reservations, then look through our links below. You’ll find the inspiration, recipes, and must-know pointers you need to have the perfect at-home Valentine’s date night.

The Surprising Thing Women Want for Valentine’s Day
Hint: It involves quality time and high-quality food. Something it doesn’t involve: putting on your winter coat.

Why Risotto Is the Perfect At-Home Valentine’s Day Meal
You and your partner can’t go wrong with this luxurious yet straightforward dish.

How to Perfectly Cook Filet Mignon
Steak is a fine choice for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Here’s how to make it as great as the rest of your night.

7 Perfect Valentine’s Desserts in 30 Minutes or Less
Need a last-minute dessert idea? These are all quick, easy, and delectable. (Also: May we add this incredibly simple Nutella milkshake to the list? You won’t even need a blender.)

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