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Our Top #PlatedPics, Week of February 5th

One of our favorite parts of the week is when our customers start sharing their culinary masterpieces with the world via #platedpics on Instagram and Twitter. While it’s hard to choose the best ones because there are so many stellar chefs and photographers out there, we’re highlighting our top five. Take a look if yours made the cut, and keep contributing for a chance to be featured!

Greek Horiatiki with Marinated Feta and Za’atar Naan

Steak Frites with Creamy Shallot Sauce

This month we've been trying something new…and I LOVE it! So I have to share with you! 💙 We've been getting @plated meal boxes. 🍽️ Now, before you judge…remember how I mentioned that I hate grocery shopping? Oh, and have I mentioned that I am not really a fan of cooking either? That I'm busy keeping a toddler happy and running a profitable business? That we're trying to eat healthier this year? Yeah, all those things. What can I say, less anxiety over meal planning, less money spent on take out. Problems solved. 🤷 Oh, and also, Dima and I are learning so much about cooking through their easy step-by-step recipes with pictures and specific tips! 🍳 How about you? Do you hate grocery shopping and cooking too? Have you tried something like this? #platedpics

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Malaysian Fish Curry with Yellow Rice

Gnocchi Pomodoro

Shakshuka with Mint and Yogurt

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