Plated Playlist: Ultragrrrl’s Cinematic Soundtrack for Your Oscars Party

Oscars Playlist: Oscars Statuette

We know how important music is to the overall experience of cooking and dining at home. So we’ve asked a series of influencers to share their favorite playlists to listen to while cooking and sharing a meal with friends and loved ones. 

First up is Sarah Lewitinn, also known as Ultragrrrl, a music critic, DJ, blogger, record producer, and current Music Director for Aritzia. A former Spin magazine columnist, she managed stellastarr* and My Chemical Romance prior to their first major record deals, and helped bring The Killers to international fame. We’ll let Sarah take it from here:

“Here’s a playlist to soundtrack anyone’s pre-Oscars dinner party – over four hours of music! Comprised of some of my most favorite songs from movie soundtracks that I’ve loved over the years. It starts off mellow and builds into a dance party, which is how I like my dinner parties to go.”

Want more of Sarah in your life? Follow her on Twitter @ultragrrrl.

If you’d like to bookmark Sarah’s playlist, you can listen on Spotify directly here.


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