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Meet the Plated Culinary Team: Andrea Folkerts

Our Culinary Team is responsible for every recipe Plated customers cook, love, and remember. Every day, the chefs in our Test Kitchen dream up dinner ideas and make them a reality for home cooks all over the country. And their mission is simple: to make delicious dinners accessible for culinary novices and experts alike. Because everyone deserves to experience the joy that comes from making a meal from scratch.

Andrea, Elana, Michelle, and Tim are, of course, pros in the kitchen, but we thought people should see what else they’ve got going on (because they’re pretty great). Here’s your chance to get to know the fun, entertaining, food-centric folks who make the magic happen—in our kitchen and yours.

Meet Andrea, Our Culinary Program Manager

Andrea received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire—a BA in Recreation Management and Policy. After a few years working in experiential marketing and sponsorships for Heineken USA, she decided to go to culinary school. Andrea attended the International Culinary Center in SoHo, Manhattan, focusing on Italian cuisine. She spent 10 weeks in NYC, 9 weeks in Parma, Italy, then held a 9 week internship at a 3rd generation, family-run restaurant in Genoa Pegli, Italy (Ristorante Teresa dal 1968). You might see that Italian influence come through in some of her thoughts below…

Favorite Food:
Pizza…pasta…anything Italian.

Ideal dinner:
A really crispy piece of Focaccia, an arugula salad, eggplant parm, and a nice glass of red wine.

What’s one of your earliest food memories?
I was sick and my aunt came and picked me up from school—she was a caterer and I had to accompany her for a gig. Because I was sick, I just had to watch. I started to fake being sick all the time so I could go back with her.

Cuisines that inspire?

Favorite late-night snack?
A crispy slice of pizza.

Guilty-pleasure food?
Any carbohydrate. I’m a carb girl.

Most memorable meal?
I was studying abroad in Italy during college and my family came to visit. We rented a car and were driving through Tuscany when we had to stop at a random gas station. We were starving and they had these gourmet paninis at the gas station—to this day it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

How has your personal approach to cooking evolved over the years?
I always thought you needed butter, cheese, and heavy cream to make things taste good. I came to learn that things actually taste best in their purest form. If you eat food in season, it’s delicious on its own—you don’t have to mask it with other flavors.

Living or dead, who would be your ideal sous chef?
I’d have to say my sister. She’s a horrible cook, asks a thousand questions along the way, and it probably takes her ten minutes to cut a carrot, but I just love when she’s next to me cooking.


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