These Recipes Will Help You Go More Plant-Based This Summer

Not that our appetites are ever in question, but we find that in the warmer months, we crave lighter fare—veggie-forward dishes that are easy to put together with the season’s bounty. We’re also big fans of plant-based cooking, as we can see and taste every element in the dish. These are some of our favorite vegetable-heavy meals that make hearty lunches and dinners.

Vegetable Tostadas with Creamy Mexican Street Corn

These craveable tostadas feature a selection of vegetables including zucchini, tomato, and tender cremini mushrooms. Corn tortillas are crisped in the pan, then scattered with queso fresco, and piled high with all the roasted veggies. And, a side of creamy street corn takes the vegetable-palooza to the next level!

Ginger Miso Quinoa Bowls with Sesame Sweet Potato

For a substantial main course that is absolutely cram-jammed with flavor, these quinoa bowls feature the hearty grain (simmered with miso paste and a ginger knob) topped with crispy roasted cubes of sweet potato, a bright cucumber-scallion salad, and a fried egg for a hit of protein.

Charred Flatbread with Roasted Vegetables

We can never resist the nutty, sesame flavor of tahini, so we’re drizzling it over this smokey charred flatbread, which is topped a bevy of vegetables including kale, parsnip, carrot, and squash. And, because there’s pretty much nothing avocado isn’t delicious on, we’ve mashed it up and spread it on there too.

Turmeric Rice Bowl with Crispy Chickpeas

Because of the high numbers of vegetarians in India, we always know we can turn to this sensational cuisine for plant-based inspiration. The bright yellow hue and earthy flavors of turmeric accent fragrant jasmine rice, which gets a healthy portion of crispy chickpeas, wilted spinach, and roasted cauliflower on top. Cooling yogurt-and cucumber raita is the saucy element that ties this whole bowl together.

Tomato and Peach Salad with Burrata Crostini 

Don’t say we’re playing favorites, but sweet summer tomatoes and peaches are really our total go-tos during this season. We’ve combined these two much-loved fruits in a salad that’s paired with arugula, aromatic basil, and decadent, creamy burrata. Balsamic-glazed caramelized onions round out the sweet and savory meal.

Zucchini Tomato Pizza with Ricotta and Spicy Honey

Who says pizza can’t be the perfect canvas for lots of veggies? This crowd-pleasing pie features lots of summer produce, in the form of sliced zucchini, basil, and cherry tomatoes. And, because, well, it’s pizza, we’ve got four kinds of cheese in the mix too: ricotta, provolone, ricotta salata, and mozzarella. Buon’ appetito!

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