In the Kitchen

Everything You Need to Know to Cook the Perfect Roast Chicken

The only thing that our Head Chef Elana Karp loves more than cooking is teaching others to love it too. As fall approaches, Elana is sharing one of her go-to recipes inspired by the Plated cookbookβ€”one-pan roasted chicken.

Over the course of 10 comprehensive videos, you’ll learn everything from how to prep your chicken and how to cook it, to vegetable recommendations to fit every season. While it may feel easy to buy roast chicken instead of cooking it, after watching this series, you won’t be intimidated anymore to try the technique yourself from start to finish.

Check out the preview below, and start working on your photography skills because after signing up for the Skillshare class here, you’re going to want to document the incredible roast chicken you’ll be able to make.


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