Turn Your Peanut Butter & Jelly Into A Decadent Dessert

Peanut butter and jelly don’t is a flavor combination that shouldn’t be relegated to your sandwiches. Here’s what else to do with the classic pair.

You know peanut butter and jelly: the perfect pairing that graced innumerable sandwiches throughout your childhood (and likely still do so when you’re hungry and short on time). The smooth, rich butter and sweet, juicy jam are more sophisticated than they seem, and there’s no reason to abandon the duo just because you’re an adult—or to limit their usage to between two slices of bread. Here, some delicious ideas for cakes, cookies, brownies, and hand pies that elevate the beloved twosome.

Concord Grape and Peanut Butter Handpies
Seasonal grapes bring this finger-food dessert from brown bag fare to a decadent dessert you’d be proud to serve to the most die-hard foodie you know. If you don’t eat them all after dinner, extras will star at breakfast.
(Image: Plated)

Thumbprint Cookies
If your baking skills as are elementary school-level as your affection for peanut butter sandwiches, you’ll adore the simplicity of the thumbprint cookie assembly line. Roll little balls of a simple peanut butter dough, press your thumb into the center, and fill the cavity with—you guessed it—jelly.
(Image: Martha Stewart)

Ice Cream
Peanut butter turns your regular ice cream base into nutty, creamy decadence. You might be tempted to swirl in some fudge or open up a bag of chocolate chips, but hold off on that pairing until you try drizzling in some jelly for a summery take on the snack.
(Image: Brown Eyed Baker)

Jammy fresh or frozen berries stand in for the jelly in this healthful breakfast drink. Since strawberries or raspberries probably won’t provide the sustenance you need for an entire morning of work (or fun), spoonfuls of PB supplement the smoothie’s other ingredients. A banana adds more bulk—and Elvis’s seal of approval.
(Image: Kitchen Treaty)

Cake Bites
Turning cake into pre-cut bites means you get to reveal the gorgeous and gooey jelly spread between the layers. The icing on top is made, of course, from peanut butter.
(Image: Betty Crocker)

Take that, Brits: this blogger turned simple scones into rich wedges, filled with a jelly layer and striped, on top, with peanut butter glaze.
(Image: Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

The caramel tones of a good, chewy blondie are the perfect foil for the earthy nut butter and bright, tangy jelly combination of your dreams. Use a toothpick to swirl in the jelly to prettify these for serving.
(Image: Averie Cooks)

French Toast
In this brilliantly conceived recipe, any decent breakfast chef gets the opportunity to transform a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a single serving of French toast. After assembling the classic, the recipe has you dip the sandwich into a typical milk and egg custard, before frying up the whole thing in a buttery pan.
(Image: I Love Peanut Butter)

Jelly on the inside, peanut butter and chocolate on top: these cupcakes will get added to your short list of potluck desserts in no time flat. The jam is baked inside the cupcakes, so it’s a fun surprise when you bite into the peanut butter and chocolate-topped treats.
(Image: Joanne Eats Well with Others)

A cookie crumb crust is the first layer in this decadent creation. Into that goes a creamy, fluffy peanut butter filling that’s lighter than you’d expect. To finish, there’s a homemade concord grape jelly to balance out the pie’s richness with tart, wholesome fruit.
(Image: Autumn Makes & Does)


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