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How to Use That Leftover Parmesan Rind (Don’t Toss It!)

We might have a thing for parmesan cheese. A serious thing. Grated, shaved, or simply broken up into bite size chunks, we love its tang and its texture. We love it as the finishing touch to a bowl of Bolognese, in a tricolore salad, and as a classy addition to any cheese board.

Parm is complex and savory: equally fruity, nutty, salty and sweet. The taste intensifies as you get down to the rind (that hard exterior of the cheese) and even better, the rind itself also holds a bundle of flavor. Who knew? Maybe your Italian grandma. No matter, the secret is out and we are saving up those rinds to throw into many a hot dish, from tomato sauce to hearty soups, risottos and winter stews. Store your rinds in the fridge for a few months or the freezer where they’ll keep for even longer. You can even buy them in containers at many a grocer or cheese shop.

Cooking with the parmesan rind is simple: add them at the early stages of cooking and then pull them out and discard before serving. Done and done.

Tomato sauce

Add some umami flavor to your Italian cooking by throwing a rind in your next batch of tomato sauce. Don’t worry, the rind won’t melt. It will just impart savory notes to each and every bite. Try it with our Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Meatballs.

Soups and stews


Toss a rind into any Mediterranean-inspired vegetable soup like minestrone a Plated fave like Italian sausage with ditalini pasta or our roasted tomato number.


Let the rind enhance the cooking broth of your next Italian-inspired stew as it slowly seasons the flavor of every ingredient. Really, any stew will benefit from a little parm rind.


The parmesan rind will work wonders along-side traditional aromatics like garlic, shallots and onion to give depth to the best of braises. Enter: our braised short ribs.

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