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How to Make the Most of Your Pair of Tongs This Summer

We really don’t know where we’d be without kitchen tongs. Like the handy microplane, ubiquitous baking sheet, and shockingly useful ice cream scoop, a set of tongs is an absolutely irreplaceable item in the kitchen, as far as we’re concerned. In fact, many days, we find ourselves washing not one but two sets of tongs. Why the obsession with this grippy guy? Read on for our, ahem, tong song.

Handling meat and fish

One of the primary ways in which we use kitchen tongs is for handling meatfish, and other proteins. Tongs are helpful for veggies too, of course, but the ability to handle raw proteins without actually touching them (and thus having to wash one’s hands) is a real boon for the tool. Not to mention, they make it very easy to grab on and flip filets and cutlets in a pan, baking sheet, or grill.

5. Make Salad

Salad work

We also very often use tongs for tossing salads and summer slaws. Not that salad servers aren’t a lovely item, but to really get the job done, it’s easiest to grip onto the salad ingredients and make sure they get thoroughly tossed in your dressing of choice. Mix the dressing in a large bowl, then add the ingredients and toss to make sure it’s all perfectly coated.

Pasta swirls

Ever noticed how artfully spaghetti is plated in restaurants? Chances are, they’re using tongs! Because of their ability to grab and then release, tongs are very helpful in a perfectly-swirled pasta, and, in fact, all sorts of other restaurant dishes.


Continuing with the earlier point(s), tongs are super useful when grilling, and in fact, there are specific versions just for this use. Whether you’re adding chicken breasts or zucchini to the grill, tongs make it easy to really hold onto something without dropping it. For burgers, you’re better off with a spatula, as tongs will smush the meat and render it misshapen and unevenly cooked.

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