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Our Favorite NYC Coffee Shops

What keeps the Plated office up and running every week? Our amazing and talented staff of course! So what keeps the people at Plated going strong all day long? Coffee, coffee, coffee. We may seem a bit addicted to caffeine but we prefer the term “extremely committed!”

We certainly don’t take our fuel lightly either. Here are a few of our favorite places to get our caffeine buzz on:

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1. Blue Bottle Coffee

While our first pick isn’t native to NYC, we have definitely adopted it as our own. Blue Bottle roasts its own coffees in-house and their founder is committed to only using beans roasted in the past 48 hours for optimal freshness. Now that’s something great to wake up to!

What to try: The New Orleans Iced Cold Brew will change the way you think about iced coffee. Think smooth and sweet instead of harsh and bitter!

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2. La Colombe

This is an office favorite not only for their deliciously bold blends and commitment to ethical sourcing of their beans, but also for its proximity to us! Since one of their locations is in NoHo, La Colombe is always right around the corner when we need an afternoon boost.

What to try: The Americano. Simple is the name of the game here, and the classic Americano (espresso mixed with hot water) is the best way to enjoy La Colombe’s tasty roasts.

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3. MUD Coffee

This East Village spot is a great place for a dose of caffeine as well as some cool culture. Since it started in 2001, it has become the quintessential “anti-establishment” coffee company that is committed to the NYC community. We’d say the NYC community is pretty committed to them as well since they have been voted “Best Cup of Coffee in New York” by Time Out New York and The Village Voice.

What to try: The Mudtruck blend at the MUD Truck – obviously!

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4. Gasoline Alley Coffee

Located on Lafayette between Houston and Bleecker Streets, this is another spot that’s just a stroll away from the Plated office. Part of the “boutique” coffee shop trend in NoHo, this spot has great coffee and a great atmosphere. Don’t be panicked by the line out the door in the morning, it’s a sure sign that the wait is worth it!

What to try: Try their cappuccino and and a Dough doughnut (Yep, this place carries one of our favorite sweet treats as well!) for a delicious sugar rush.

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5. Stumptown

In the words of Jared, our Customer Experience Director, “Duh.” Stumptown kind of speaks for itself, being one of the most well-known coffee roasters in the land. They really know their classic roasts, but are always developing new and interesting products for us clamoring fans (bottle cold brew anyone?).

What to try: Espresso is the thing here. Do it.


– Kristen Schaffer



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