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Our 5 Favorite Lunch Spots

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when it comes to Tuesdays at Plated HQ, lunch is king. With such a hard-working group of people, we even set some rules for our weekly team lunches: 1.) NO computers 2.) NO phones (unless it’s for Instagramming lunch deliciousness) 3.) NO working!

We take lunch seriously (read: we go crazy for good food), and we wouldn’t trade our hour-long team meal for anything! So where do we like to eat? As with most startups, we’ve become accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle and are very much used to changing offices to fit our growing team. Having been everywhere from Chelsea to the Financial District, each office has come with its own list of regular food spots. There are just too many to name, but here are a few of our faves:

Rubirosa (Soho – 235 Mulberry Street between Prince and Spring)
When we’re craving pizza, this is hands-down our favorite. Their toppings are amazing, but the coup de gras would be the thin crust. It’s salty. It’s crunchy. It’s covered in a dusting of semolina. It’s freaking delicious. Lucky for us they’re within walking distance because they don’t offer standard/everyday delivery…womp womp. Totally worth the walk, just saying.
Delivery: NO (sadface)

Kortako (FiDi — 80 Nassau Street between Fulton and John)

Here’s a food fusion for you: Mexican-Korean. Think about it: kimchi + anything (in this case tacos, burritos, etc) = amazingness. And while kimchi gloriousness is traditionally fermented in a hole in the ground, it’s what makes this a marriage made in heaven. More. Kimchi. Please.

Delivery: YES

Mile End Deli (Noho – 53 Bond Street between Bowery and Lafayette)

This place knows how to make a wicked sandwich. Named for the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, this place was born of husband-wife duo Noah & Rae Bernamoff. If you’re into smoked meats like brisket, pastrami and even house-smoked salmon, then you’ll love these beautifully stacked sammys. Don’t forget a house-made sour pickle.

Delivery: YES

GRK – Fresh Greek (FiDi – 111 Fulton Street between Williams and Dutch)

With a greek yogurt bar that lets you go sweet or savory and one heck of a delicious (not to mention HUGE) greek salad, why wouldn’t this be our FiDi favorite?

Delivery: YES

Kobeyaki (Chelsea – 293 7th Avenue between 26th & 27th Street)

Think Chipotle but with a Japanese twist and you’ve got this pseudo-franchise that takes the prize as our favorite lunch spot in Chelsea. There are only two locations in NYC so for those lucky enough to be within walking distance, this is a must-eat. You’d never think fast food sushi would get our seal of approval, but this place wins…game, set and match.

Delivery: No

– Jared Levan


Do you have a favorite lunch spot you’d like to share with the Plated team? Let our Customer Experience Director, Jared, know by sending an email to








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