Bite into Oktoberfest with These Delicious Pretzel Recipes

October is officially upon us. Apples, #sweaterweather, warm soups, cozy scarves and…Oktoberfest. While the first thing that may come to mind here is beer (it’s very important), we’re also really into that other Oktoberfest thing: pretzels.

The Bavarian pretzel—classic, oversized, chewy, salty, sweet (we can go on)—has been around since 610 A.D., when Italian monks used to make them from leftover dough scraps. From humble beginnings, the pretzel traveled across Europe, then to the United States, and we think it’s fair to say it’s a universally loved snack. Especially when paired with beer and cheese and beer cheese.

While you may not be in Munich this fall, clinking boots of beer and scarfing down doughy treats from “Brotfrauen,” aka, the pretzel ladies, you can still get into the free-wheeling spirit of Oktoberfest by whipping up these simple, pretzel-focused recipes right in your own kitchen. No, beer is not supplied. But you should definitely buy some.

Sausage pretzel roll

Hello, fluffy, golden buns that combine all the flavors of a giant, warm pretzel (salt included), but in roll form. Stuff them with seared chicken sausage and sautéed peppers, and top with a drizzle of creamy mustard sauce. Take a bite, and wash it down your favorite brew.

Cinnamon sugar

We’re total suckers for a sweet and salty dessert, so we decided to create these mini cinnamon-sugar pretzels, served with decadent cream cheese icing. Perfectly sized for…not sharing. Pretzels for dinner and dessert.

Chocolate tartlets

Here, we brilliantly called a meeting of some snack food power players: decadent dark chocolate, sweet caramel, and, of course, the pretzel. A simple buttery pretzel crust is filled with rich chocolate custard, then baked with a gooey caramel center. You can still drink beer during dessert, right? Have a beer. If there’s still beer cheese left, finish it off, too.


Maybe not as straight-forward, this pretzel-focused recipe is still one for the books. Tilapia is coated in crushed Pretzel Crisps, then seared until golden brown and perfectly flaky. Lemony sautéed green beans and parsley-laced horseradish sauce make the ideal accompaniments. You should still have a beer with this one, just because.

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