NYC Ate All the Kale, and Other News You Missed

From a snow-induced kale shortage to new findings about how to exercise, here are headlines you need to know from last week.

The size of food delivery orders rose nearly 50% during blizzard Juno.
Luckily, so did the size of tips, which reached 16% higher than average. Click above for a complete breakdown of food deliveries during the blizzard.

Alcohol deliveries were up 500% during the storm.
The top seller? Absolut Vodka.

NYC experienced a kale shortage just before the storm hit.
Perhaps the only thing more in demand than alcohol was this leafy superfood. Check out the pictures of empty grocery-store shelves where kale once resided.

“To gain maximum benefits [from exercising] you have to push your body to a place that’s almost uncomfortable.”
That’s according to the author of a book on High Intensity Interval Training. We’ve known for a while that shorter, intense bursts of energy beat longer, slower workouts, but the true extent to which you have to push yourself is now becoming clear.

Blending vs. Juicing? Blending wins.
A study shows that blended juice had significantly higher levels of beneficial compounds compared to juice made with a juicer. Consider that before making your next smoothie.

A new study suggests that beer hops could prevent Alzheimer’s.
If you enjoy pairing your dinner with a glass of craft beer from time to time, here’s more evidence that moderate drinkers might reap certain benefits that abstainers don’t.

What’d we miss? Share your favorite food news story in the comments below!


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