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This week our customers in Manhattan got a little something special in their Plated box – LazyLooz! Looz is a New York-based startup run by two brothers who left the corporate finance to start their own company, bringing their favorite childhood sweet to the city. We interviewed Rakan Ammouri, one of the founders, and got a little background on these delicious sweets.


What inspired you to start Looz?

Rakan: It’s been my favorite dessert since I can remember. Last year my girlfriend surprised me with it for my birthday, and during that time I had left my banking job and I was looking to create and build something of my own. We started talking about how much we loved this epic dessert and the conversation led to, “Hey, no one sells or even knows of this dessert!?” I was surprised I couldn’t believe it. So we went around the building knocking on doors and sampling, everyone loved it, and that was the start!


You talk about growing up with Looz as a family recipe – can you tell us more about how this treat played into your family meals (or holidays)?

No kid’s birthday party or family gathering was complete without some Looz on the table. It was one of those treats that everybody loved. Come to think of it now, I’m surprised we only had one flavor! (Similar to our Original)


What were the biggest challenges in getting the “perfect recipe”?

Tough question, we spent months trying to get the perfect recipe! I would say our biggest challenge was finding the right balance between texture and flavor, and then being able to reach the same level of satisfaction for each flavor we make.


Have you always enjoyed baking?

I’m actually not that big on baking. Good thing Looz aren’t baked. You’re probably wondering how we prepare them, here’s what we do (minus the secrets). We mix all the ingredients together in a big pot then apply the mixture onto big sheet pans. We freeze the sheet pans for a few hours then pull them out, add some dark chocolate, toppings and finally cut and package. It’s pretty labor intensive but I enjoy it way more than baking! It’s quite the workout!


What’s behind the name “Lazy Looz”?

So Lazylooz are similar to a dessert called Lazy Cake. My mother Leila passed away a while back and this dessert always reminded me of her. I wanted to dedicate this to her somehow, so after a brainstorming session with one of her best friends, we decided to use “lazy” from the original name and “looz” as a spin off her nickname Lool.


Can we expect any new flavors coming out soon?

We’re always playing with new flavors; my brother might have added a couple of pounds constantly tasting new flavors! We actually have a monster flavor coming out soon!


What is your favorite flavor of Looz?

Toughest question of them all, it has to be between Chocolate Chip and Peanut butter. Let me ask my brother… What do you think?

Ramzi: Hmmm, ya tough one for sure, I think it depends on the dish I’m having… for example, I love the chocolate chip after a salad and the orange after a burger.

Enjoy your Looz this week, and check out for more flavors! Use the code LOOZLOVESPLATED for 20% off your order!



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