7 of the Most Valuable Kitchen Tips We Learned from Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked Plated staff members to share some of the top kitchen tips they learned from their moms.

Some of our fondest kitchen memories revolve around time we spent at home with our mothers cooking. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked the Plated Culinary Team to share some of the top kitchen tips they learned from their moms.

1. “I learned that the second batch of pancakes will always be better than the first as the griddle heats up (so always let your sibling have the first batch) and that anything can be cured with homemade chicken soup.”
– Suz Dumaine, Culinary Operations Director

2. “My mom taught me to always season your food with salt as your cook. Every step along the way. Nothing is worse than eating bland food!”
– Andrea Folkerts, Test Kitchen Assistant

3. “From a very young age, my mom taught me the value of cooking for people you love. Every Mother’s Day, I would wake up early and turn our house into a brunch restaurant, complete with hand written menus, flowers, and full table settings. It always made my mom so happy and it was something I looked forward to all year. To this day, we carry on the tradition by cooking dinner together for the rest of our family almost every Sunday.”
– Elana Karp, Culinary Co-Founder and Head Chef

4. “My mom always reminded me to save all the rinds from Parmesan cheese—they are perfect soup and sauce thickeners and add a ton of flavor.”
– Laura Katz, Test Kitchen Assistant

5. “The biggest cooking tip I remember from growing up is to beat egg whites in a copper bowl, to make faster work of those “soft peaks” and ensure the eggs don’t get over-beaten and gritty. Right after my parents got married, my mom subscribed to Bon Appetit magazine, vowing to cook at least one recipe from it every month. In the pages of one issue, she found an ad for Kahlua coffee liqueur, with a recipe for a chocolate Kahlua cake that suggested using a copper bowl for whipping the egg whites to make said cake extra fluffy. So, she bought the bowl, and that cake has been my favorite since childhood!”
– Rachael Stuart, Recipe Editor

6. “My mom taught me to always rotate my pans on the stove so that the handles don’t stick out—if they stick out, you run the risk of knocking them over and hurting yourself/losing your food to the floor.”
– Michelle Kresch, Test Kitchen Manager

7. “Although my Dad is the cook in the family, I grew up baking with my Mum, often recipes from a family cookbook that’s over 100 years old. She taught me to always make extra, especially when it comes to dessert (and especially when chocolate is involved)!”
– Leah Bhabha, Recipe Editor

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Cheers to Mom!


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