Millennials Use Instagram, Gen-X Uses Facebook: A Plated Infographic About Technology At The Dinner Table

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After you snap a shot of your dinner, do you upload it to Instagram instead of Facebook? According to our data, you might be a Millennial.

Targeting the general U.S. population across multiple age groups, Plated asked more than 500 people about their technology habits during dinnertime at home—what phones they use, what apps they go on, etc. What we found was a divide between age groups: 20-somethings are using technology differently than 40- and 50-somethings.

Millennials are having dinner within arm’s reach of their Android phones, which they use largely for going on Instagram, while Gen-X uses iPhones to go on Facebook.

However, if they’re streaming music during dinner, both groups predominately use Pandora. (While Spotify usage tilts heavily toward Millennials, Pandora still wins across the board.)

Do our findings match up with what you do? Tell us your dinnertime tech habits in the comments below!


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