Millennials Are Ditching Delivery for This Dinner Hack

Young professionals are admitting it: They order takeout and delivery too much. The result? Shrinking checking accounts and expanding waistlines.

The solution? Plated—the ready-to-cook meal kit service that brings all the parts to a healthy, delicious dinner to your door.

Using antibiotic-free meat and poultry (with no added hormones), domestic and sustainably sourced seafood, and fresh produce, Plated helps Generation Y eat the way they want to—responsibly. This is the new trend for Millennials wanting to make a fantastic meal for themselves and their friends. We even suggest using it to make a great impression on an at-home date night.

Remember that even grocery shopping has its pitfalls, like needing tons of time to spend scouring the aisles, planning meals, and ultimately wasting unused ingredients. Plated lets you avoid all these issues by providing a new menu to choose your meals from each week, allowing you to skip the shopping altogether, and sending exactly the right amount of each ingredient.

Put down the takeout menu and check out Plated’s site for more details. Although Millennials may have jumped on this trend first, it’s definitely for everybody.

UPDATE: Plated is extending a discount to The Dish readers. Click here to get the first 4 plates for free after $20 shipping and handling (just $5/plate).


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