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Meet Creative Director and #illustratemyplate Artist, Paulina Reyes

Hailing from colorful Mexico City, our new Creative Director Paulina Reyes brings vibrant energy and enthusiasm to the Plated community.

#illustratemyplate contest, we sat down with Paulina to hear more about her background, what inspires her, and what food and art have in common.

Plated: What drew you to art and illustrating?
Paulina Reyes: Art has always been a big part of my life. My mom is an anthropologist with a huge love for art and culture, so I was influenced a lot by the crafts and textiles we had at home. Since we didn’t have the freedom to run around in nature in the city, I always took art classes as a kid.

Plated: How did growing up in Mexico City influence your work?
PR: Mexico is a great place for someone who loves art to grow up in. There’s a huge tradition of hand painted, creative design that’s really inspiring. In Mexico, color is used without fear, and that’s something that remains very important to me.

Plated: How would you describe your approach to the illustrations you create?
PR: I strive to produce work that’s bold and simple, but also unexpected and full of emotion. Everything from colorful candy at a market, to fashion, to art can act as inspiration.

Plated: What brought you to Plated?
PR: The desire to work with food. It’s a part of everybody’s life, and it’s a fun subject matter. You can be very creative around food, and since I love cooking, it’s a company with a mission that I personally connect with.

Plated: What’s a favorite recipe you’ve tried so far?
PR: I recently had Chef Suz’s Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry with Kaffir Lime and Bamboo Rice. I’ve made it three times already!

Plated: What’s the thing that fascinates you the most about cooking?
PR: The fact that you can turn an ingredient like viscous, gooey egg whites into something beautiful, like fluffy meringue. I’ve always thought whipping egg whites is one of the most mesmerizing things that can happen. I’ve always considered that to be magic.

Plated: How would you characterize the connection between food, art and creativity?
PR: In some ways, food is a very direct way to create art and give people pleasure. The process of cooking can be very creative, particularly as you experiment, so in a way, making food is like making art that people can taste.

Plated: What’s a common misconception about food photography?
PR: That it has to be perfect. Composition is obviously important, but it’s nice to show unique details that might make a shot feel more real, or give insight into somebody’s lifestyle and personality.

Now that you know more about Paulina, don’t forget to enter our #illustratemyplate contest for a chance to win a custom illustration by her based on one of your food photos.


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