How to Get The Most Out of a Meal Kit Service

Not all meal kits are created equal. Here are the 5 most important things to consider before choosing a subscription service.


Clicking a button to get take-out delivered to your door may be the epitome of modern convenience, but it can also contribute to mindless eating in front of the TV and stubborn pants that won’t button. The answer? A number of subscription meal kit services have cropped up lately, offering the ease of take-out and an enjoyable way to cook—after all, you can do more with your hands than tap for take-out.

However, not all meal kits are created equal. We tried our darnedest to be objective, but we couldn’t help but mention the perks of Plated. Here are some things to consider before choosing a subscription service:

1. Discovery

Thai, Chinese, and Italian may be staple cuisines when it comes to choosing what’s for dinner, but have you considered Korean bibimbap, Salvadoran pupusas, or French fish en papillote? Get out of your comfort zone and find a cook-at-home delivery service that sends globally inspired recipes that make seemingly difficult dinners accessible. Chef-designed recipes and step-by-step instructions make it easy to try new tastes and experiment with cooking techniques you may have never considered possible.

Plated lets you select from 9 different chef-designed recipes each week.
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2. Choice

It may be trickier to find an option that supports this, but try to find a subscription that truly supports choice. While most meal kit services let you pick out dietary preferences, Plated goes beyond that and offers 9 recipes you can choose from each week, and you can even add dessert! The team provides recommendations to suit your tastes, but you’re always able to swap out recipes for a truly customized box.

3. Quality Ingredients

When you’re not preparing your meals, it’s hard to know exactly what’s in your dinner, meaning that each dish can contain tons of added fat and offer far more on a plate then you intend to eat. Cooking at home is a great way to get closer to the food you’re eating and get transparency around what you’re consuming. Be sure the cook-at-home service you choose is committed to high sourcing standards and dinners that incorporate unusual, artisanal ingredients you might not normally buy. Not only will you learn what’s on your plate, but you’ll discover interesting new cuisines and ingredients.

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4. Convenience & Flexibility

From shopping lists to grocery store lines, planning dinner can be a stressful addition to a busy schedule. Flexible planning is absolutely essential to fitting dinner into your life, and some subscriptions make it easier than others. For instance, with Plated, you can plan up to four weeks ahead, skip weeks when necessary, and cancel anytime. Plus, you can choose a specific plan based on how often you’d like to cook. If you’re choosing to invest in a subscription service, you should have some say in what you’re getting—and paying for. Look for a company that’s able to create special arrangements upon request, so you can tailor-make a family plan or cook for a special event or dinner party.

5. Mindfulness

In our fast-paced world, screens and illusions of connectivity abound, making mindful activities an increasingly important investment. Cooking is a great opportunity to unplug and reconnect, and meal kits make it easier to carve out time for creating and enjoying dinner at home. Pre-portioned ingredients help to eliminate food waste and contribute to more mindful consumption. If you’re looking for bonus points, search for ones that have prioritized green initiatives, such as using jute liner and recyclable packaging so you can feel good about how and what you eat.

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