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Don’t Wait: Kitchen Essentials You Should Buy Now

As avid cooks and food lovers, we’re pretty used to receiving kitchen-oriented gifts from our friends and family. There’s nothing better than reaching for that salt shaker or beautiful artisanal bowl and thinking lovingly about who gave it to us. Apart from those sweet gifts, there are some kitchen pieces that we return to time and again. They might be on the expensive side, though, so maybe you’re waiting for the holidays, a birthday, shower, or even wedding to receive them. We’re here to tell you something: The time to buy is now. These tools are completely worth it! Welcome to your new kitchen life.

Set of Nesting Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are an absolute kitchen essential. If you’re still working with one huge one, rinsing it out, then repurposing it a minute later, invest in a set of nesting mixing bowls. They come in myriad options, from ones with built in sieves and cup measurers to glass beauties (see photo above) to those of the bright colored plastic variety. Just get some, seriously.

Hand Mixer

If you love to bake, or even if you just occasionally prepare sweet treats for friends and fam, get yourself a hand mixer. They’re not too hard to store, they’re not expensive, and they’ll heavily reduce your whisking time!

Food Processor

When it comes to bigger investment appliances, this is one of our absolute faves. If you’re space-deficient, they have really small options, and trust us, there’s no turning back once you buy one. Supremely inexpensive they are not, but once you realize how much time it saves, you’ll thank us.

Fine-Mesh Sieve

It may seem esoteric, but a fine mesh sieve will come into play way more than you think. From draining small grains (think quinoa and bulgur) to rinsing, this is a seriously helpful kitchen tool with an easy-to-stomach price tag.


Dutch Oven

We’re not gonna sugar coat it, these things aren’t cheap. But, a heavy enameled dutch oven pot will quickly become your best bud for everything from big batches of soups and stews, shallow or deep frying ingredients, braising, baking bread, making sauce…you name it. Yes, they’re an investment, but they’re worth it.


Don’t shy away from purchasing yourself a blender. They are seriously multi-purpose. You can get an immersion blender, which is a long, wand-style appliance that’s really helpful for soups, or a regular blender for literally everything. Smoothies? Check. Soups? Check. Salad Dressings? Check. Sauce? Check. See what we mean?


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