3 Unique Party Ideas for Your Kid’s Next Birthday

Hosting a birthday party? It can be exhausting to come up with fresh ideas for your little one’s special day each year. Sure, a princess-themed party stands the test of time, but how often can you dust off your tiara before it gets old? Check out our top kid’s birthday party themes, complete with decor and food ideas!


Party Favors
A sweet treat to thank your guests, this cookie-turned-party-favor requires little more than store bought sugar cookie dough, a cookie cutter of your choice, and a bit of creative icing power.

-Sugar cookie dough roll
-Cookie cutter (we like animal or number shaped!)
-Cookie icing

1. Roll out cookie dough to ⅛ to ¼ inch thick, cut with cookie cutter, and bake according to package directions.

2. Allow cookies to fully cool and then outline each cookie with cookie icing.

3. Gather a few artistic friends and fill in the middle of each cookie with a different animal print. Giraffe! Zebra! Cheetah! The possibilities are endless.

4. Allow cookies to dry completely before dividing between cellophane bags and tying closed with ribbon.

Get creative with your little one’s favorite stuffed animals. Sprinkle them around the party area and let the safari begin! Hang green streamers from the doorways and tables for some greenery, too.

Find the safari animals! Hide stuffed animals around the house and give everyone a list of hidden animals. The first person (or team) to find all the animals gets a stuffed animal of their choice as a prize!

Little Artists

Party Favors
Send your little artists home with a party favor that keeps the theme going. Head to your local craft store for mini easels and brush sets.

All the colors of a crayon box AND delicious?! Sign us up. Dig in to our classic birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles or feel free to decorate with other fun, colorful toppings!

Bonus: Decor and Activity
Let your table decor double as an activity for the kids. Cover tables with big sheets of white paper and encourage your little artists to get drawing with crayons and colored pencils. Photograph and print the completed artwork and voila—instant thank you cards.


A fun option for the ice cream cake lovers among us, get crafty with a volcano-inspired cake.

-1 box cake mix of your choice
-1 pint Rocky Road ice cream
-1 container strawberry jam

1. Prepare cake mix according to box directions and set aside to cool.

2. Set ice cream out for about 10 minutes to thaw slightly so it’s soft enough to slide out of the container, but not too soft that it melts everywhere.

3. When you’re almost ready to serve, flip ice cream on top of cake and cut off container. Using a spoon, taper the top of the ice cream (this is the volcano) and create a small hole at the top.

4. In 10 second intervals, microwave strawberry jam until it is slightly softened and pourable. Fill volcano with strawberry jam and pour it down one side, toward the remainder of the cake.

Start the party with craft time so everyone will have the perfect themed outfit with these easy DIY lei.

What you need:
-Multicolored cupcake liners
-Plastic sewing needle

1. Thread yarn through sewing needle.

2. Stack a few cupcake liners and cut into flower shape.

3. Thread needle through center.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

Treat your guests to some luau-inspired cuisine. Transform our easy pulled pork into BBQ pulled pork sliders by topping sweet dinner rolls with pulled pork, BBQ sauce (you can make your own using the sauce from our Barbecue Chicken), and pineapple slices for a finger-licking dish.

Or, opt for something a bit brighter (and cleaner!) with a DIY poke bar that allows you to cater to your guests tastes. The options are limitless—include your favorite base (like cooked sushi rice), fish, sauce, and toppings. Need some inspiration? Try our Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Bowl or Vegetable Sushi Bowl for a vegetarian option!

Story contributed by Plated Recipe Developer Liz Dinsmore.

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