The Cheesy Bread That Has Us Asking: What Is Khachapuri?

Gooey cheese + butter + warm crusty bread = all of our wildest dreams coming true. Hailing straight from the country of Georgia, khachapuri (hatch-ah-pu-ree) is one of our current obsessions here at Plated. Think warm, buttery dough stuffed with cheese and topped with runny eggs, ready for all the dipping you can imagine. With the literal translation of “cheese bread,” khachapuri is Georgia’s national dish—we totally get why, and think you will too. So, we’re dipping a little more into its background, and of course, sharing our treasured Plated recipe for you to try at home.

History + trend

Being a staple of Georgian culture, khachapuri is deeply ingrained in its roots. You’re bound to see this magical bread on every menu (and home) in mountainous Georgia. In fact, most regions have their own take on khachapuri—whether open-faced and boat shaped, round and double stuffed, square, and sometimes with a filling (like beans or meat). But, let us assure you, it’s always stuffed to the brim with cheesy goodness. And, no two khachapuri are alike.

Each variety is named after its region, and the most popular of all is Adjarian Khachapuri, which comes from the Ajara region (which hugs the Black Sea coast). This fan favorite is traditionally an oval, boat-shaped pastry filled with cheese, topped with a square of butter and a runny egg. After mixing it up, everyone at the table tears at the bread and dips away. Let’s just say that it’s a group bonding activity that we’re all about here at Plated.

The recipe

The Plated culinary team has been seeing khachapuri popping up on brunch menus in the states, but you can easily make it yourself at home. Perfect for parties, or just a regular Tuesday night, your bread + cheese game will be stronger than ever. And, since khachapuri is different in every kitchen, we’ve added our own twist with spinach and sautéed peppers.


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