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It’s Time to Fire up the Grill for Our June Recipes

It’s June, which means there’s absolutely no doubt that summer is upon us—we’ve waited way too long for beach picnics, backyard cookouts, and poolside cocktails. This month, our culinary theme is all about embracing the elements (very fitting for a month of outdoor activities). The element we’re particularly jazzed about this month? Fire. Because of all the grilling, if that wasn’t totally clear. We’ve got quite a few grill-ready recipes coming up, from burgers and steaks to chicken and veggies. Our beautiful Earth (which gifts us a bounty of summer produce) truly deserves a celebration this June, so get ready for a few repeat summer favorites we’re excited to bring back to the menu.

You may have picked up on this already, but we’re really committed to mastering our grilling techniques this month….and then all summer long. Because chicken is always a tasty crowdpleaser, we’re bringing back our much-loved Grilled Chicken Cobb with Caramelized Mushroom “Bacon,” and introducing a Peruvian Chicken dish which features some double grilling action (if you’re not grilling your avo already, you’re doing it wrong). There’s also a tender steak coming in hot off the coals, served with (you guessed it) all your favorite grilled veggies: scallions, onions, and summery zucchini.

Because we can never resist a burger, we’re serving up more than a few options in this grill-heavy lineup. Our sensational Caprese Burgers are flavored with garlic and chopped herbs, then topped with melty mozzarella and a pesto aioli. Need these now. We’ve also got three different takes on the traditional beef burger: a comeback for super-tender Salmon Burgers, a Buffalo Chicken-inspired slider dish which will make all your bar-food dreams come true, and closing out the party with hearty Bison Burgers with White Cheddar and Tomato-Onion Jam.

When our customers love something, we listen (really!), so we’re bringing back some favorites from summers past. First up is our crunchy Pork Tonkatsu, served with a bright salsa of tangy cherries and yuzu. Our Greek Horiatiki is also back on the menu, a recipe packed with sweet tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and crisp roasted chickpeas. Did we mention the feta? Oh, the feta is important, and there is a lot of it. With tomato season upon us, we’re celebrating with our go-to Steak with Tomato Vinaigrette alongside tender haricot vert and potatoes.

And, because everyone could use a change sometimes, we’re introducing two new breakfast-for-dinner dishes that we couldn’t be more fired up about. One is a Middle Eastern egg sandwich filled with crispy eggplant, hummus, and chopped Israeli salad. Then, we’ve got some homemade breakfast sausage patties, which are served with sunny side-up eggs and a bright asparagus hash. It’s all almost to good be true (but it’s not, just check out your menu).


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