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5 Tips for Instagram-Worthy Food Pics

No need to have a professional photographer or food stylist at home. With these five tips, you’ll learn how to snap the best #platedpics out there.

#platedpics out there.

1. Use natural light if possible
When photographing food, it’s always best to go natural. Artificial overhead lighting gives everything an unattractive yellow-ish tinge, while your camera flash will create an unpleasant glare and make your food look like it’s floating in the middle of nowhere. Instead, snap your food shots near a window, but out of direct sunlight (which can be overly harsh)—a shadow during a sunny day is the ideal spot. If your space is filled with natural, direct light, place a white sheet over the window to diffuse it.

2. Experiment with different angles
Since you can’t taste photographs, you have to really ramp up the appeal with details and texture to capture food. A birds-eye view is the most common angle for food photography, and works very well in showing the entirety of the dish. Mix it up, though, and test out some other approaches—if the food has height to it, shoot it at plate level to accentuate texture.

3. Try a photo editing app like VSCO or Snapseed
Luckily for those without expensive equipment and extensive training, there are a number of helpful photo editing apps that you can easily download to your phone. They provide a host of editing and coloring options that can complement or replace an Instagram filter.

4. Set the Scene
While a classic white plate shot is often a winner, it’s always good to experiment with props. Whether you’re artfully displaying ingredients and appliances use, or jazzing up the shot with colorful tableware, props can lead to great, extra compelling pictures.

5. Get Creative
Photography is an opportunity to run wild with your imagination. Don’t limit yourself to one style or composition; play around with white space and even document your cooking process. Snap some pictures while you’re preparing your meal, or even while you’re eating it—full-fork pictures bring viewers into the experience.


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