ICYMI: Nutellasagna — FREE in NYC on Monday

In case your news feed didn’t blow up like ours this week with tales of a wondrous, brand-new, why-did-no-one-think-of-this-before dessert, allow us to explain. It’s a fusion of two of mankind’s greatest achievements, Nutella and lasagna, called Nutellasagna.

It looks like this:

Like many illustrious people, Nutellasagna was born in Brooklyn. Inventor Allison Robicelli, of Robicelli’s Bakery in Bay Ridge, explains what’s in it:

“It’s layers of buttery lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, copious amounts of Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, with some marshmallows on top for additional sweetness. They’ll be sold in foil catering pans, so you can pop it in the oven at home and serve warm Nutellasagna after dinner. Or you can eat it cold or room temp—totally up to you. No fancy packaging—this is straight South Brooklyn guinea.”

And this might be the best part: Free Nutellasagna is coming to NYC on Monday.

Robicelli’s will be at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. or until they run out of product, whichever comes first. (Running out of product will come first.)

So if you’re in the area, get there! And tell us what you think!



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