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How to pack for the perfect beach picnic

Wondering what to pack in your cooler for a day trip to the beach or weekend getaway this summer? Part of the perfect escape are the delicious treats you’ll want to munch on. With these 5 tips you’ll be set to enjoy the weekend!

1. Take a hearty lunch

These Old Bay Shrimp Rolls are great to pack in a cooler. Pack the shrimp salad and the buns separately, then assemble on-site so you don’t have to worry about them getting squished or soggy.

2. Don’t skimp on the sides

Can’t wait for lunch? Take along some appetizers! Nestle a jar of these homemade pickles into the corner of your cooler, or try out this refreshing cucumber snack!

3. Bring something sweet

Take along a light and fresh Summer Fruit Salad with Lime-Mint Syrup for a simple dessert. This easily packs into a plastic storage container for a mess-free meal.

4. Cold drinks are key

Don’t forget the beverages! Glass-bottled sodas from Izze are naturally sweetened and come in lots of flavors.

5. Pack in style

Maybe it’s just us, but eating with chevron spoons and forks and sipping from stripey straws makes everything taste better. Pack everything up in a vintage red cooler and you are good to go!

Bonus: For on the road munching, try out one of these homemade snack mix recipes. We love the sweet and salty combo of pretzels and caramel corn with chocolate!


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