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How to Massage Kale

We know kale around here. And we also know how to treat our kale right, with a deep-tissue rubdown that takes the leafy wonder from course and rough to silky-smooth. Here’s all you need to do. (But first, do the it-goes-without-saying step: Wash your hands.)

1. Remove stems.
Easy way to do it: Hold the leafless end of the stem up, and pull down on the leaves.

2. Put all the leaves in a bowl.
We recommend seasoning it with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of salt.

3. MASSAGE! Squeeze the kale with both fists, kind of like kneading dough.

Do this for three to five minutes. Take breaks to taste and see if enough of the kale’s bitterness is gone for your liking.

You’ll see that the massaged kale is darker and shrunken. And when you taste it, you’ll notice that its texture is softer and it’s much less bitter.

You’ve just revolutionized your kale-eating experience. You’ll enjoy this super-food even more now.

Then there’s only one thing left: Get yourself a massage.


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