How to Survive a Long Flight This Holiday Season

With the holidays inevitably comes travel, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be doing a lot of it as 2016 comes to an end. Whether you’re trekking across country to visit friends and family or going on that long-awaited vacation (hello white sandy beaches!), we’ve got you covered for airplane travel must-haves. If you’re staying local, keep this post on hand for the next time you head to the airport. With that said, let’s hit the road…

Stay Comfy and Cozy

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Honestly, what’s more important than being comfortable? Exactly. Nothing. We’ve rounded up a few of our all-time favorite travel picks that will keep you comfy-cozy for hours, even through the layovers that just don’t seem to end.

  1. All the Leggings: It turns out that the name ‘Cozy Flipside Leggings’ doesn’t lie—these leggings are ridiculously soft. No leg jail here.
  2. Walk On Clouds: A good pair of socks always does the trick to make us feel a little more at home, even if we’ve fallen victim to a reclined airplane seat in front of us. For long-haul flights, we recommend investing in a cute pair of compression socks, which helps with circulation and swelling as the hours eek on. For shorter trips, your feet will surely appreciate this soft, fuzzy number.
  3. Layer Up: We always travel in layers in the event that there are temperature extremes in the cabin, AKA all the time. So go ahead, throw a soft wrap or cute scarf into your carry-on.
  4. Knock Out: For a steady sleep, you’ll want to pick up one of these eye masks. Hey, you’ll never know if or when your seat neighbor will want to check out the view while you’re snoozin’.

Keep Things So Fresh and So Clean

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While we lean on airplane travel to get us to our destinations as fast as possible, the stale, dry air isn’t fun. With this comes germs, chapped lips, and dry or oily skin. Here are a few tricks that we rely on in order to freshen up at 40,000+ feet.

  1. Wipe It Off: Ok, call us clean freaks, but given that there are lots of germs on airplanes (not linking, for your benefit), we like to have a pack of cleansing wipes handy at all times—for hands and surfaces. Pro tip: wipe down that tray table before putting anything on it.
  2. Pucker Up: Make sure to apply lip balm a few times throughout the flight. With dryer air, lips are more prone to cracking. Pack your favorite, or try one of our picks.
  3. Freshly Spritzed: Nothing makes us feel fresher than a few spritzes of this goodness. If you want something with a refreshing scent, we also love this spray.
  4. Stay Hydrated: With dry, recirculated air and cabin pressure, it’s important for your skin to stay hydrated throughout a flight. In addition to drinking water, you can use any moisturizer or night cream to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Munch on Snacks Galore

4 Snacks

Of course, FOOD. We’re big fans of it, and wish we could cook a Plated meal on board. Instead, we opt for snacks and water, in addition to the meal that we pack or pick up. Here’s what’s on our snack list:

  1. Stay Sweet: Whether it’s fresh or dried fruit, we always like to have this sweet treat on hand. We pick up our dried fruit at  Trader Joe’s (hello, friendly prices), but you can buy it practically everywhere, including Fresh Direct, Amazon and yes, even your local bodega.
  2. Get a Protein Kick: We tend to snack on Field Trip’s Beef Jerky on the regular—try Teriyaki or Sweet and Spicy. If you have the time to make your own beef jerky, we have you covered with this Plated recipe.
  3. You Need Chocolate: Something with chocolate is most definitely needed for trips of any length. Opt for a treat that has some protein in it, like Kind Bars, so you’ll stay full longer.
  4. Gum(my) Everything: Not only does gum keep our breath smelling (and tasting) minty fresh, it helps with inner ear pressure when flying. If you have kids, try a chewy candy like gummy worms or fruit snacks for the air pressure trick.
  5. Drink on the Go: Ok, call us old fashioned (see what we did there?!), but we love a good carry-on cocktail kit.

Entertain Others Yourself

American Magazines displayed for sale on newsstand

Time will fly by if you bring your favorite book, music or TV show with you. Just put on your comfy socks, lift the arm rest (if you’re traveling with a friend) and get cozy.

  1. Read On: Whether it’s a book, magazine or cookbook that you’re reading, bring it along with you to make the trip go faster. Plus, you can read during take-off and landing, which is always a plus.
  2. Binge-Sesh: Now you can download your favorite shows on Netflix, so you a) can continue with your binge b) don’t need to wonder if the seat in front of you will have a TV.
  3. Jam Out: Bring your favorite music and headphones. We currently have The Hamilton Mixtape on repeat.

Bonus Time

Here are a few things that aren’t necessarily needed, but are added bonuses if you can bring them with you on your next trip, more so for long hours or international travel. If you’re crossing the pond, keep reading…

  1. Pack Pretty: A fun passport holder can help you stay organized. Or, just pretend that it does and use it for the necessary Instagram photo.
  2. That’s All She Wrote: You’ll need one when you go through customs or just to doodle, so we always opt for bringing a pen (and notebook). For ink, grab something inexpensive (or free!), like that hotel pen you picked up a few years back.
  3. Color Me Pretty: Take a trip back to childhood with a fun and grown-up coloring book. Not only are they super relaxing, but your finished masterpiece can be framed when you get home.

After reading our favorite picks, you may be left wanting to book a trip, pronto. We completely understand. #sorrynotsorry

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