How to Have Stellar Dinners at Home

If you’ve found yourself on one too many occasions eating pasta for the fourth night in a row, trying to remember the last time you had a great homemade meal, it may be time to seek help and get back to better dinners. It’s easier than you think—especially when you get a box delivered to your door every week, full of premium seasonal ingredients and foolproof, restaurant-quality recipes. Sounds better than that same-old pasta, right? (Well pasta is good but there’s something about that umpteenth noodle that loses the magic.)

Here’s the inside scoop on how to have stellar dinners at home:

Stop spending so much time planning

Wondering what’s for dinner on a given night can be a dizzying question. Wondering what’s for dinner next week and the week after that? Forget it. With Plated, planning your meals for the next month takes only five minutes, so you can use the rest of your time working on that to-do list (or not).

Skip the grocery store

After a long day, all you want is to go home and enjoy a great meal. But instead you have to stop at the store, fight your way through a labyrinth of aisles, then schlep home, only to start the process of sorting and measuring before you can actually get to cooking (not to mention eating). There’s an easier way! With Plated you can get all your ingredients delivered to your door in exactly the right portions, which means less schlepping, less measuring, and less mess. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to try cuisines and ingredients you might not usually go for.

Avoid wasting food

Is there anything worse than needing a sprig of parsley and only finding a big bundle in the store? Your mind starts wandering as you wonder how many parsley-centric recipes you can find that will deplete this mass of herbs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get only the parsley you need and let the earth keep the rest? Say goodbye to watching leftovers go bad in your fridge, their decay inversely correlating to your mounting angst about letting food go to waste. Get exactly what you need to make a great meal. No more, no less.

Cook with ingredients in just the right portions

Calling all home chefs with over-stuffed cabinets: you can get rid of your measuring cups—or at least give them a much-needed rest. From here on out, all you need to worry about is rinsing and chopping because Plated takes care of the rest, lovingly pre-portioning every ingredient needed to make their incredible chef-designed recipes. Not only do you save the water you would have used to wash a multitude of measuring cups, but you save time: many of Plated’s meals take only 30-40 minutes to make, from prepping to cooking to plating.

Always know: “What’s for dinner?”

Sometimes the “What’s for dinner” conversation takes on a life of its own, the question multiplying endlessly until your hanger reaches disorienting heights. Before you know it, you reach for the closest thing your hand can find and stuff it into your mouth without concern for taste, let alone nutrients. Instead, imagine always having a delicious answer to “Whats for dinner?” Better yet—imagine never having to ask. With Plated, you can choose from 9 adventurous recipes each week—and make dinner a moment of (perfectly planned) discovery.

For more delicious recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

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